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320tech Labs will to take the lead in building the first Technology Innovation Hub in the state of Maryland, that produces technology that will revolutionize industries and build new solutions that has a positive impact on people lives. 

Our goal is to help start-up companies looking to make advancements in eradicating hunger & poverty, access to medical treatment, health & wellness, job training, housing and any other “do good” technology that will enhance the lives of the people in the communities we serve locally, nationally and globally. 

This innovation hub will be a catalyst for strengthening our relationships with local innovators, creators, industry disputers, community leaders and organizations.

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Our mission is to create an atmosphere that inspires and support entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation where people work together to make a positive impact in the the communities we serve.

Objective 1. Design a program that help founders turn a proven concept into a scalable technology platform.

Objective 2.  Provide access to executive coaching or mentorship and am ecosystem of founders who are making a difference in the communities they serve.

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320tech Labs is a six-month program that gives innovators an opportunity to build, test and launch their product or service.  We provide a co-working space where tech start-up companies (both for-profit and non-profit) work together to explore and build new technology and solutions that revolutionize industries and connect people to the resources they need.

We provide an collaborative environment, help secure funding, resources to help launch and grow tech platforms that address the issues our communities face daily.

This program provides early stage start-up companies with an opportunity to get access to investors, hands-on-coaching, mentorship, partnerships, financial support, technology and free working space to help build, test and launch their new product.



Digital TV experience offering        faith-based content

Stream320 is a digital streaming platform that allows customers to access the largest collection of African American faith-based content at anytime, from anywhere and on any device.  Entertaining content that allows customers to connect to God daily.


Prayer  + Technology

Connecting people to prayer across the world. Using Social Prayer,  you are able enlarger your prayer groups, share prayers and send prayers to friends and family.


Innovative technology tackling hunger and food waste

InNeed provides families, adults, children and senior with door-to-door food donations from food pantries, individual donations and/or organization in their area.  Most people go hungry due to lack of access, with InNeed we are able to provide access to those in-need from those go want to give.



Donating & Giving Made Easy

WeGive a one-stop for all organizations/foundations that are in your local area which can assist your needs or make donations. This site/app will provide easy access to organizations across the world where you can volunteer, donate goods or services, or monetary support.


Job Hunting with Purpose

DoGood allows you to align your passions with job opportunities in faith-based community organizations, non-organizations, churches and other companies with a religious or social awareness focus. We aim to inspire you on your job search providing a customized experience based off your areas interests.


Learning Tools & Resources

At Amplify we are dedicated to providing your with tools and resources that help enrich your life in all areas. Our e-learning tools will provide "How-To" video, lesson, webinars and DIY projects to help you build, connect, share, produce and learn creative ways to build your online ministry, brand or business.

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